Marketing and Opinion Research Services Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting One Mile from TF Green Airport, Rhode Island (401) 352-4005 / bids@portableinsights.com
Marketing and Opinion Research Services Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting One Mile from TF Green Airport, Rhode Island (401) 352-4005  /  bids@portableinsights.com
  • Conference and 1-on-1 rooms
  • 3 Video & Audio Streaming Platforms:
  • Full Service Copy & Print
  • Dedicated Hostesses
  • Easy Travel & Free Parking
  • Minutes to Airport and Downtown Providence
  • Expert Multi-City Recruiting
  • Online Recruiting Calendar
  • Exceptional Show Rates
Our spacious facility is designed to provide the amenities necessary for the highest quality research; while providing a comfortable and stress-free work environment for you and your team. By combining Rhode Island's most conveniently located focus facility with the latest technology, managed by professional recruiting and hospitality teams, we offer you the absolute best focus group experience for your project.
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Portable Insights, Inc.
401 Jefferson Blvd.
Warwick, RI 02886
Marketing and Opinion Research Services
Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting
Phone: 401-352-4005
E-mail: Bids@PortableInsights.com
Web: www.PortableInsights.com
Rhode Island's most convenient facility, located 1/2 mile from Providence Airport and RI's Interlink transportation hub serving Boston to NYC

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Portable Insights, Inc.

401 Jefferson Blvd

Warwick, RI 02886

(401) 352-4005


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