Marketing and Opinion Research Services Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting One Mile from TF Green Airport, Rhode Island (401) 352-4005 / bids@portableinsights.com
Marketing and Opinion Research Services Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting One Mile from TF Green Airport, Rhode Island (401) 352-4005  /  bids@portableinsights.com
Case Studies
Portable Insights conducts several types of B2B and B2C Telephone, Online, Mixed Phone/Web studies, across many industries, including:
  • HealthCare Research
  • Financial Services Research
  • IT Sector Research
  • Consumer Goods Research
  • Utilities Research
  • Political Research
The Portable Insights senior executive team has been working within the industry on a global scale for a combined 25 years and have gained extensive knowledge of the market, client needs, and client expectations. A few examples of the types of studies Portable Insights conducts for its clients:
Brand Awareness
A hospital hired Portable Insights to conduct a brand awareness study for a new cardiac wing. The study results were used to develop a new media campaign
Customer Satisfaction
A major financial institution conducts customer satisfaction tracking studies to adapt advertising and product development to changing consumer attitudes and needs
Online Concept Testing
A Consumer goods manufacturer hired Portable Insights to conduct adaptive conjoint analysis during the planning stage of a new packaging concept. Based on the results a new product was launched.
Political Candidate
A prominent political candidate hired Portable Insights to conduct Voter ID, Issues Polling and Get out the vote (GOTV) calling; he was successful in the general election.
Executive Interviews
A Fortune 1000 end-client uses Portable Insights for international C-level in-depth interviews. Results help them stay current regarding industry purchase behavior issues.

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