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Marketing and Opinion Research Services Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting One Mile from TF Green Airport, Rhode Island (401) 352-4005  /  bids@portableinsights.com

Mark Leveillee, Director - Accounts, Sales, Business Development

Mark Leveillee 

Director - Accounts, Sales, Business Development


Mark is a true market research professional and has developed and managed some of our most valued client relationships over the past several years.


Mark's industry knowledge comes from a diverse array of past industry positions where he held major roles in healthcare, industrial and automotive fields. During that time he has earned accreditations in the health and automotive fields. Drawing on his vast experience, he is able to assist clients in developing and implementing market research strategies to meet their goals.


In his personal time, Mark is a car enthusiast and enjoys attending classic car shows and auctions as a collector.  Mark holds a BS in Business Administration with concentrations in Psychology and Marketing.


Contact Mark to schedule your next project or to discuss methodology, pricing and logistics related to Qualitative and Quantitative studies. We know you will enjoy his expertise and professionalism. 


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