Marketing and Opinion Research Services Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting One Mile from TF Green Airport, Rhode Island (401) 352-4005 / bids@portableinsights.com
Marketing and Opinion Research Services Phone - Online - Focus Groups - Recruiting One Mile from TF Green Airport, Rhode Island (401) 352-4005  /  bids@portableinsights.com
Call Center Facility
Portable Insights owns and operates the company's call center facility in Warwick, Rhode Island.
The Rhode Island call center was built to position Portable Insights as an industry leader with capacity to manage large, time-sensitive projects.
Portable Insights currently has a staff scalable to over 200 interview stations. Interviews are conducted worldwide in over 26 languages and 92+ countries. Because of the quality of our interviewing staff and language capabilities of our facility, virtually all data collection work is conducted in house without the need to outsource and data collection.
Portable Insights' Data Collection Infrastructure is operated on an industry leading Phone and Online technology platform. We employ a comprehensive system for creating and managing telephone (CATI) and online data collection - including all kinds of mixed mode phone/web survey campaigns.
Portable Insights' Call center platform is fully integrated with our telephony server, enabling powerful predictive dialing support, without compromising any of the quality or features available in a traditional call center.
The Warwick, RI Call center is a spacious data collection facility. The center maintains a redundant CATI platform and a Predictive dialer. We can easily manage any size project by using the combined resources of our center.

Each ergonomically designed interviewer workstation is equipped with state of the art desktop computer, Windows operating system and energy-efficient flat panel display. Interviewers are assigned high quality noise reducing telephone headsets for efficient two-hands-free keyboard and mouse access.

The Warwick facility also has a "Special Projects" phone room. In the past, we have run selected sensitive projects from that secure location. Having only specially-trained and screened interviewers working on your mission-critical studies ensures strict security and confidentiality.
The facility is designed to be a pleasant work environment; which is a key factor in allowing us to recruit and retain some of the best interviewers available. Interviewers like to work in our professional work environment. Experienced interviewers deliver results and being able to attract the best interviewers translates directly to our end-clients' data quality.

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